The taste of bitterness

It took me over 40 years to learn to enjoy the taste of bitterness.

Nowadays everyone wants the sweet, including me that in this process became a diabetic. We want the pleasure of the sweet for our lives and accordingly we teach this to our children.

The sweet taste usually means the pleasure. The bitterness is the setback.

How can one learn to enjoy bitterness? Sometimes life simply forces you. If you become a diabetic, this new condition pushes you towards new habits.

Now I like bitter chocolate, bitter coffee, bitter beer and even sugarless tea. It’s such a different pleasure! But it opens new paths, not only in taste, but in life.

Learning to enjoy that which was not our immediate craving is such a challenge! But it adds much more shadows to our reality, freeing us of being hostages of the sweet, slaves of easy pleasure.

Bitterness can also be the silence, loneliness and fasting. Bitterness can be all that does not seem to be our final goal, but surely is part of the way to get there.

Of course I’m just beggining. I’m sure there’s a long road ahead.

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